Wrigley's 5 Gum (Zing)

To introduce their latest chewing gum flavour to create awareness and build hype on Facebook.

To create a 9 day mini game that will build engagement with existing Facebook fans as well as increase new fan base.

Zing It open! A 5 round mini game which takes players on an adventure with Mr. 5 Gum. Players will have to answer riddles through clues of the 5 senses. To unlock more clues, fans had to share the game with friends.

Increased Facebook engagement from 4.26% to 392.98% in just 9 days.

Across all industries, you are somehow going to be affected by the mobile culture of today, if you aren't already. The rise in smartphone means more and more consumers are now able to access the web on-the-go.

The first thing you need to do, is to relook at your business and answer the questions below before deciding.

Is your audience smartphone savvy?
Does the nature of your business require your consumer to own a smartphone?
  Statistic shows the average user is between 20 - 45 years old.

Will the app go the distance?
  An app works best as a long-term asset.
  Do not make it "campaign based" with a short life span, as this may result looking out-of-date and lacking in content.
Can my app bring success?
  Manage your expectations well. Before hitting the lab, understand that there is a universe of apps out there already.
  Make your app standout. Set aside funds for publicity and campaigns, which is what a media budget is for.
  More importantly, understand the added value it brings to your brand or service. If you can build a good app, you can build a business.

Hi AppXpert,
My grandma and I run an Italian food catering business in PJ and I'm beginning to think I may need an app. Most of my customers are working adults in their 30's and 40's. They are usually busy in the day and sms at the very last minute to order. What's frustrating is that they keep forgetting my menu when i mail them the list every month.
- Casey Gomez, Food Caterer

Yes, Casey!
By looking at your audience and the issues you face, it may be rewarding to explore the idea of an app. As most of your customers probably spend a great deal of time in front of their computers,  tablets and smartphones, it makes a lot more sense to communicate your promotions there instead of traditional post. I've listed some suggestions on how your app can take your business to a whole new level8

Showcase your menu by displaying pictures of your mouthwatering dishes and let your customers scroll through easily.

Update your customers on your promotions and daily specials through instant push notifications on their mobile.

A personalized ordering form that also indicates delivery time and location, would also make your life easier.

Include a convenient payment gateway via mobile using credit cards, Paypal and debit cards with local banks.

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