To create a native app for their sales force to use when presenting Prudential’s Comprehensive Crisis Coverage.

  • Created a comprehensive native app with 3D modelling and interactive features
  • The ability to see estimated costs of treatment or surgery for the related crisis
  • Illness navigation bar, whereby you can scroll through all the connected illnesses to each part of the body

The interaction and communications channel of the sales force improved tremendously since its inception.

Hi AppXpert,
I’m Sue Ann and I run a little boutique cupcake business from my home in Damansara. As I do not have a shop, my business is mainly online through my blog & facebook by home orders or catering for events. On and off I do participate at food bazaars or marketplaces around Klang Valley. However, I feel my business is not receiving enough exposure. Is there some sort of a way to help boost my business and get the word out?

Hi AppXpert,
Well you’ve certainly come to the right place! We have the whole package at an attractive rate. Facebook management, mobile apps, games, or SMS blasts, we do them all. In order to make your cupcake business stand out and put it on the map, here are few key initiatives you could to do get those yummylicious cupcakes out there!

Social Media Engagement:
Have daily postings on recipes/ tips & tricks or give ideas for cupcakes parties(birthdays, meetings, weddings etc)
Have your entire cupcake catalogue displayed creatively
A mini cooking/baking game that top scorers will get their own signature cupcake made

Mobile App:
Send instant notifications on offers/promos and upcoming events
Personalized ordering form to allocate delivery time and location
Convenient payment gateway via mobile using credit card/PayPal/debit card
Be the first 10 to enquire, and we will give you RM5,000 off your mobile app!
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When did geeks become cool?

Steve Jobs revolutionized how computers and phones were used. Not only were they beautifully made, but the user experience was taken to a whole new level. Mark Zuckerberg on the other hand changed the way we communicate with one another. So yes, they made it cool.

The way the world has evolved digitally, would a young boy now dream to one day be an IT whiz instead of a pilot?

Yes. The impact of IT in society is now obvious and inevitable. Naturally, the drive and demand for IT professionals will continue to rise. The best companies to work for these days are in IT, like Google, Android, Apple, Facebook and others.

IT industry, a glamour job? Does it get you the girls, money and fame?

According to a recently featured article in, among the top 10 jobs in 2013 belongs to software developers, computer systems analyst and network & computer systems administrators. It certainly brings in the cash and girls... *wink* =)

What are your thoughts for the next big thing in IT?

Cloud computing. Gone are the days where a technology company would need to invest in buying servers and manage them physically. Providers of cloud hosting services like Amazon, Google & Microsoft, are making it affordable and easier to host and store data in the cloud.

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