To revamp the current Isuzu website and transform it into a responsive site that not only reaches a wider audience through more platforms but also increases traffic to the site

- Created a contemporary responsive site that is accessible and available on desktop, mobile and tablets

- The new site has a 360 view catalogue of the vehicles which gives the audience an amazing close up and detailed view of the vehicle

Traffic to the website increased significantly by 400%. The site now appeals to a younger audience.

Visit and see it for yourself!

Mobiles and tablets are rapidly changing the way we find products and services on the web. As a result, the traditional approach of having both a desktop and mobile version of your website is no longer an effective solution for your business.

What is a Responsive Website?
It is a website built in a particular way to adapt its look & feel to provide users the best viewing experience, be it on a smartphone, tablet, smart TV or laptop.

Should you go Responsive?
YES. Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, you need to have a user-friendly site that meets prospects where they are. Whether they’re on their iPhone in the toilet, on the train, or at home with a tablet, you want to capture their attention.

Why do a Responsive Website?
Endless possibilities. You improve Search Engine Visibility, with a designated column. Easier browsing which in return can lead to increase in sales and conversions. You save on time and money plus all your information is streamlined into one communication channel. Your user-friendly site allows people to be connected no matter what platform.

Where do I start?
You’re in luck! We’re experts when it comes to Responsive Websites! Just drop us a line and let’s get working and see what we can do to help your business! Contact us @

Hi AppXpert,

My name is Nazrul, and I run a paintball park in Puchong. I’ve always been intrigued by games and action, and was thinking of a way to build up my current facebook page of just 60 likes! With that, I was thinking of maybe having some sort of a facebook game that can create hype and build my overall social media engagement. Help me!
- Nazrul Shah, Paintball Park Operator

Hey Nazrul,

Well for starters, it’s good that you already have a direction in mind! To be in line with your business, we believe a challenging First Person Shooter game with obstacles and levels would be the perfect game for your facebook page! You could incorporate a scoring system and give out attractive prizes monthly! To make it even more attractive, you could even open up your facility to the winners for a FREE game of Paintball with their friends!

Have a leaderboard where friends can challenge one another.

Create a viral effect when you share game statuses and post your game results to earn points.

Let the monthly top 2 highest scoring teams battle it for a round of Paintball at your facility.

Give out grand prizes of cool gadgets to gain interest and get people talking!

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