The age of digital music saw the CD come to the fore, and then the MP3, and now online music streaming. Malaysia’s very own WOWLOUD has been the go-to-guy for legal digital music consumption since 2011. But now, with the arrival of other international streaming services to our Malaysian shores, it seems like everybody wants a piece of the cake.

With WOWLOUD and other music streaming services, instant access to unlimited music is easy and available on the go. Available on your computer, mobile and tablet, you can enjoy your favourite music anytime, anywhere. WOWLOUD being a local brand offers a wider selection of local acts and indie artists right here in your very own backyard.

What also sets WOWLOUD apart from its competitors is the chat function where you can chat and share songs instantly as well as enjoy monthly curated playlists for moods and special occasions. Although many would say that WOWLOUD and its competitors are about to go head to head for the battle of music supremacy here in Malaysia, we see it as a positive move that with these services now in place, it’s time we finally tackle the age old issue among Malaysians, music piracy.

It’s time we stay away from illegal downloads and do the right thing by going legal, and what better way than at a minimal cost or even for FREE! As long as we keep our music legal, we keep the music industry alive in Malaysia.

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What is Music Marketing?
It is the ability to incorporate music into your marketing strategies and communication in a tangible or abstract form.

Why is Music Marketing important?
Music holds the key to our emotions, tastes and preferences. With music, you are able to provide a deeper engagement with your consumers. Emotion, Experience, Engagement, Exclusivity. It’s time to break the norm from the traditional 4Ps, we need to add on the 4Es for the modern consumers who are tech savvy and advertising-weary.

Will it work in Malaysia?
We live in a very competitive country. Brands and companies will do anything to get your attention. Because of that brands no longer compete on a product level, but on building a brand that people connect to emotionally e.g music marketing.

Has it worked before?
We take a look at Coca Cola. The brand today is synonym with pop culture, in return with the music industry. When you think of Coca Cola, you think hip, urban and a lifestyle not just a soft drink.

Brands can connect and engage with their consumers through music marketing from as low as RM5 per brand engagement per year. For more enquiries on rates and customizable packages contact us at

Hi AppXpert,
I run a music school here in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. We have musical courses covering string instruments, percussions as well as vocal training on a daily basis. Although we launched our music school over a year ago, we’ve been running our business online through social media and without a website. However after a year, we feel our business growth has hit a wall because we do not have a website. So our question is how much would it cost to build a website that is both compatible for desktop and mobile?
- Caleb Goh, Music School Owner

Yes, Caleb!
A website is important to any business out there! We specialize in web building which can not only be good looking, but also easy to use and manage! To answer your question, our web building packages start from as low as RM12, 000! We’ve listed down some key features which we feel will boost your overall website experience!

Showcase your courses, offers and school

Testimonials of students, teachers and parents

The ability to book and schedule in classes and view timetables

Convenient payment gateway via mobile using credit card/PayPal/debit card
with the local banks

Provide a video platform to showcase recitals and concerts

For more enquiries, you can buzz us at +6 03 7955 9448 or email us at